St. Louis River Quest

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The Power of Exploration

St. Louis River Quest is a community-based, volunteer organization founded in 1993 to provide regional sixth-grade students with hands-on learning experiences that enhance awareness and understanding of the St. Louis River ecosystem and the interrelated commercial, industrial, and recreational activities in the Duluth-Superior Harbor, part of the St. Louis River Estuary. 

Visionary leaders launched this program a quarter century ago to help young people become more civically engaged, more environmentally conscious.

We continue to build on that momentum by helping students understand the impact we each have on the environmental health and the economic vitality of this estuary.

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River Quest since 1993
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From the classroom to the St. Louis River Estuary

From its launch, this outreach education program has continued to grow and evolve. Station sponsors now work directly with educators to align resource materials with Wisconsin and Minnesota science and social studies standards to make the experience an even more effective teaching tool.